Louën's owner Céline is half french, her mother born in French Brittany, an area deeply influenced by Celtic culture, known for its rugged beaches, mystical woods, dolmen stones, the wild Atlantic sea, rain, storms, seafoam, oysters, and thriving nature.

On the other hand, her years in Berlin, with its vibrant club scene, the cosmopolitan melting pot, freedom of expression, and unique architecture, have significantly influenced her Berlin collection. These two contrasting styles coexist within her, balancing between the vibrant urban culture and the desire for unspoiled nature. This duality is translated into the organic forms of the „Bretagne Collection“ and the more abstract, contrasting „Berlin Collection“.



Louën offers handcrafted jewelry with a personal touch, often driven by images and scenes from her past and present, which her intuition transforms into new pieces. The beauty often lies in the imperfections of each custom-made piece, tailored to the individual who will wear it.



Louën jewelry is not merely an accessory; it's a symbol of self-expression, embodying the ability to balance and embrace more than one heritage and origin, little wearable pieces of art that tell unique stories.



Materials & Sustainabilty

Louën exclusively works with sustainable and certified recycled 925 fine Sterling Silver, proper Gold Plating with a 1-micron thick 21-carat gold layer that endures over time, especially when carefully maintained. As stones she is primarily utilizing Cubic Zirconias, extremely hard and clear lab-grown stones produced ethically in Europe (Crystal Valley, Czech Republic).


There are three key reasons for this choice:

  1. Cubic Zirconia's hardness and heat resistance enable her to employ the cast-not-set technique, incorporating the stones directly into the wax, melting the crystals with the metal, creating a unique and organic feel, as if the stones are still embedded in the earth or shimmering through the sand at the bottom of the sea.
  2. The production process of Cubic Zirconia is entirely transparent and sustainable, offering ethical work conditions without mining or toxic components.
  3. Lab-grown stones have a substantial cost advantage, enabling Louën to offer unique, handmade pieces at a fair and affordable price, using the highest quality materials. "I wanted to create jewelry that I enjoy, that my friends enjoy.... and that they can afford! I want to make handcrafted pieces accessible to everyone who falls in love with them."

All Packaging is produced in Denmark and eco friendly certified FSC® guaranteeing that all materials come from sustainably grown woods protecting the natural environment and wildlife. The cotton for the small jewelry bags is organic and fair trade.

 PLEASE NOTE: If the gold version of your desired item is not in stock, you can as well purchase the silver version and we will be happy to gold plate it for you with 1 micron of 21carat gold. The price for the service and gold will be between 10-15 eur for smaller and up to 45 eur for massive rings. Please contact us of you want to know more. 

The Process: Made-to-Order Pieces and the Human Imprint

Most of the rings and all pieces containing stones are made to order. While there may be a few available pieces, they are limited to certain sizes. The rest is created specifically for you when you place your order. This approach minimizes overproduction, allowing the artist to focus on fulfilling orders and creating new pieces. Consequently, production and shipping times (see our shipping policy) are longer.

All pieces are handcrafted, and their beauty often lies in their imperfections. The finishing might be intentionally rougher, representing the artist's choice to leave her fingerprint, quite literally at times, in the pieces. This enhances the fact that they are handmade, not machine-made. Some stones may exhibit what appear to be small natural inclusions, a delightful side effect of the cast-not-set technique, occurring randomly and adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

PLEASE NOTE: All made to order pieces may, as they are handmade one by one, vary slightly from the image on the screen. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to send a picture for your approval.

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