How to stack

Stacking rings is not just about adorning your fingers with treasures or putting all your favorite pieces on your hand; it is an act of self expression, a tiny act of art that involves mixing and matching pieces to create a new unique design, almost like creating a new, bigger ring, reflecting your personal style.

To create the perfect ring stack:

  • V-shaped rings are highly useful, the put a "crown" on your central pieces and elongate your fingers. Even if you war 5 rings at the same time the V-shaped ring add lightness and elegance to the stack instead of looking massive. 
  • Biggest stone goes ideally in the middle. 
  • Consider blending vintage and heirloom pieces with new, fresh additions
  • Don't hesitate to alternate between gold and silver: mixing metals works for any color type. 
  • Talking about texture: Combine simple pieces with a plainer design to more textured and complex jewels. Mix textures, hammered, polished, structured, trial and error will tell you when the combination feels right.
  • When it comes to combining colored gemstones it is better if they belong to the same color family: earthy colors go with earthy colors, pinks and rainbow colors with all kinds of intense colored stones, Black stones are best combined with grey, white or max one other color. this way your stack does not seem random but curated!

All of the rings in my collection are made to stack and stick together. Here are some ideas:    





Made to Stack and stick together