How to find your ring size


Choosing the correct ring size is as tricky as it is important for a comfy fit. Our fingers and therefore the ring sizes can vary according to seasons, temperature, work, humidity and even mood and health.... on top of that, there are also different country measurements. To make sure you order the right ring size, here are some instructions.

If the ring is a gift, best thing is to somehow get your hands on a ring of your friend and measure the inner diameter or to order an open ring that is slightly adjustable, like the "Stitch rings" or the "Jour et Nuit" ring. 

OPTION 1: Consult your local jeweler but be aware there are international differences 

All jewelers are usually happy to help figure out your ring size... but: attention! Measurements can vary from country to country so make sure that you double check either your number is a German, an Italian or American size. See the international Ring size chart below. Louën measurements are Italian size (old European standard) but indicated both in Italian and German size.  

OPTION 2: Measure the inner diameter

Find a perfectly round ring that fits the finger you would like to purchase a ring for. Measure the centre line across the middle of the ring. Make sure to measure from one inside edge to the other, as in the image above. The example shows a 1,7mm inner diameter which corisponds to an 53-54 (GER) / 13-14 (IT). Then check the following chart to determine your closest ring size. In doubt consider the season: if the ring fits perfectly in summer but is already a bit loose in the mid season maybe choose the smaller one. If it is a bit tight in winter already you might go for the bigger one. You can also send us a picture as above so we can figure it out together.  

PLEASE NOTE: If the gold version of your desired item is not in stock, you can as well purchase the silver version and we will be happy to gold plate it for you. Please contact me if you want to know more. 


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