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Hidden Treasure Liquid Love Band Ring

Hidden Treasure Liquid Love Band Ring

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Most of this worlds treasures are hidden, it depends on us if we find them and thus, what is a treasure to someone is of no use to another. Treasures are so personal, their value is defined by who cherishes them. The bright diamond cut stone is partly covered by the liquid metal, like little stones and shells on a beach covered with sand, revealed by the ongoing movements of the waves at shore that bring to light the seas treasures. 

Every ring is absolutely unique, no liquid metal is the same, please keep that in mind if you order yours... it is gonna have an individual shape just for you. 


Stone: Cubic Zirconia

Metals: Choose between

-  925 Sterling Silver (recycled and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council)

- 21 carat gold plating on 925 recycled Sterling Silver. The gold plating is a solid 2 micron thick layer of finest gold, and made to last up to a couple of years when well taken care of.

If gold is out of stock, but the silver piece is available in your size, we can gold plate it for you at the same price that the golden piece is listed here.

*Made to Order and Ready to Ship Items

  • Made-to-order pieces ship within 3-4 weeks + 1 week of delivery
  • Ready to ship orders ship within 3 business days + 1 week of delivery

Kindly note: My made-to-order pieces are meticulously handcrafted. While the design remains consistent, each item may exhibit mor or less subtle variations from the one depicted in the photos. Embracing the beauty of uniqueness, like every living being, every piece holds its distinct charm.

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