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Belon Ring

Belon Ring

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Belon is a river delta near the sea in Brittany, a small and wild corner on the atlantic ocean but world famous for its oysters. An homage to the beauty of the hidden wild and treasures of nature. Three pearls made of precious metal to pay tribute to the beauty that is naturally inside of a hard shell. 


Metals: Choose between

-  925 Sterling Silver (recycled and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council)

- 21 carat gold plating on 925 recycled Sterling Silver. The gold plating is a solid 2 micron thick layer of finest gold, and made to last for up to two years when well taken care of.

If gold is out of stock, but the silver piece is available in your size, we can gold plate it for you at the same price that the golden piece is listed here. 

*Made to Order and Ready to Ship Items

  • Made-to-order pieces ship within 3-4 weeks + 1 week of delivery
  • Ready to ship orders ship within 3 business days + 1 week of delivery

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