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Liquid Love Ice Cube

Liquid Love Ice Cube

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This metal ice cube is melting on your finger, made to honor time and the drinks you share with your friends and lovers, and it is therefore a core piece of the Berlin collection. 

Material: Choose between polished

-  925 Sterling Silver 

- 21 carat gold plating 925 Sterling Silver. The gold plating is a solid 1micron thick layer of finest gold, and made to last for many years when well taken care of.

Attention! The ice cube is massive, some might say it is a bit heavy, as it is not carved inside but all massive silver. Depending on size it weighs around 30-40 grams. If you wish to have a lighter version please tell me and I will carve if for you so it will "loose" around 8-10grams.

*Made to Order and In Stock Items

  • Made-to-order pieces ship within 3-4 weeks + 1-2 weeks delivery
  • In-stock-orders ship within 3 business days + 1-2 weeks delivery

I have a few items of which I keep a small amount in stock so they are ready to ship as soon as you order (2-3 business days + shipping times, see shipping policy). 

For the rest I am focusing on made-to-order pieces: that means that most of my jewelry is only realized and casted on your special demand. According to the pieces this process takes me 3-4 weeks plus shipping times.

PLEASE NOTE: If the gold version of your desired item is not in stock, you can as well purchase the silver version and we will be happy to gold plate it for you with 1 micron of 21carat gold. The price for the service and gold will be between 10-15 eur for smaller and up to 45 eur for massive rings. Please contact us if you want to know more. 

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