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Sun Necklace

Sun Necklace

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The sun necklace is inspired by the shimmering sunsets in Brittany, Bretagne, when the sun kisses the Atlantic. The rays gently caress the sea, painting its waters silver and golden for a fleeting moment before disappearing, only to rise again in the morning. Iz also draws inspiration from Celtic symbology and pays homage to Mother Nature.


Metals: Choose between hammered

- 925 Sterling Silver (recycled and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council)

- 21k gold plating on recycled 925 Sterling Silver. The gold plating is a solid 1 micron layer of finest gold, and made to last for a couple of years when well taken care of

Chain length: 45 cm

If gold is out of stock, but the silver piece is available, we can gold plate it for you at the same price that the golden piece is listed here.


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